California Reading and Literature Project (De)Normalizing Literature Conference
California Reading and Literature Project (De)Normalizing Literature Conference
Date: Friday, 31 May 2024
Venue: Mission Pacific Beach Resort - JDV by Hyatt, North Myers Street, Oceanside, CA, USA

(De)Normalizing Literature Conference

Professional development focuses on recognizing colonialism in our literature and literacy practices in K-12 classrooms.
(De)Normalizing Literature supports teachers in understanding their own biases and how those biases show up in our literature and instructional practices. As teachers, we can help students make sense of what they read, challenge ideas, and recognize problematic storytelling. As teachers, we need to show and teach our students learn critical tools they can use to read the world around them.

Join the California Reading and Literature Project in this 2-day professional development conference of learning and celebrating the diversity of our students and educators. The conference will showcase the work of districts that have experienced the (De)Normalizing Literature professional development, sessions by teacher experts, and words of wisdom from experts in literacy and culturally responsive practices. The event will also welcome various diverse local authors who will host sessions specific to their experiences and journeys.